Clinton C. Millsap

The Artist You Can Become

Since I can remember I have made marks, all kinds of marks. Utilizing any and every tool to make art.  Crayons, pencils, pens, markers, paint, metal, glass, stone, photographs even written words.  I spent much of my life confused as to what my work was trying to say. Attempting to discover what is it that I am trying so compulsively get out into the world through images. I only just recently discovered what “ it “ is. I simply love the act, of mark making. I appreciate each medium for what it can offer me with each individual image I'm in the mood to construct. I am always happier with the process of mark making, than I am in the result. Once the image is completed the excitement of almost getting to the top of the hill, turns into tumbling down the other side.  I enjoy, watching others see what I have made. Relishing in true reactions, the mark I am making on someone.  Again enjoying watching the process of someone interpreting what they see. I am a mark maker.

Sketchbook Challenge...The Original Goal an Inspiration

What the heck is a SKETCHBOOK CHALLENGE?

One drawing per day, every day for a year. Any medium, any size, any style, any amount of time, just one piece of art, everyday.

Ok, well its simple but complicated.  I was inspired by Jake Parker’s INKTOBER CHALLENGE. So first and foremost all credit to where this inspiration originated.  I was looking through images on the web. Which led me to deviant art, which led me to imgur, which led me to reddit, which led me to conversations with my teen children. That suggested I put my artwork on Instagram. 

Instagram, blew my mind. I had my head down, working as a contractor for more years than I care to share. Anyhow, it was new to me only a few months back… yes really…… So when I discovered I could find art at my fingertips nightly, daily, any random moment of boredom could be filled with looking at art. I was hooked, I wanted in. Yet I wanted in with purpose.

This led to, a challenge.  I decided that I needed to really commit to making art again. Daily art, no roadblock of what should I do, what style, what medium, what am I saying? BLAH BLAH BLAH… No I needed an out… It came to me. I would profess to all. I will draw or paint one image per day, everyday for a year. No matter how big or how small. No matter what style, what image, what medium, I will just make anything that strikes my fancy.

My largest inspiration, has been my wife, telling me I should do it, and then tolerating what that really means. Pens, Pencils, Papers, Color Pencils, Markers, on the table, on the floor in our room, at the dining room table, in my studio, at my easel, at my desk, in the living room, all hours of the night, my makeshift drawing board next to her on the floor as she unwinds in front of TV.  Its a much larger task than my original thought.  It’s more in so many ways.


So Far.....

I am on day 66, out of the 365. Which means I have cracked the big three hundred marker.  The first month was a struggle.  At first, I assumed I would give an hour at night, or during day.  No. That is not the case. I have given as little as 20 mins. once, the average is 3hrs, the max has been 6 hrs.  The largest issue is ideas, I have tried to start keeping an idea book with me. You’d be surprised.  At first I felt a little silly taking this little book with me every where, now, I feel like a dumb butt for not doing since high school! Imagine, how much inspiration you loose from day dreaming while your drive, till your next stressful phone call. What do you forget?  I know I was forgetting a lot until I started leaving myself notes. 

I actually made it to 90! Not 365 but, there was journey along the way.  So whats next?



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