Clinton C. Millsap

The Artist You Can Become

Since I can remember I have made marks, all kinds of marks. Utilizing any and every tool to make art.  Crayons, pencils, pens, markers, paint, metal, glass, stone, photographs even written words.  I spent much of my life confused as to what my work was trying to say. Attempting to discover what is it that I am trying so compulsively get out into the world through images. I only just recently discovered what “ it “ is. I simply love the act, of mark making. I appreciate each medium for what it can offer me with each individual image I'm in the mood to construct. I am always happier with the process of mark making, than I am in the result. Once the image is completed the excitement of almost getting to the top of the hill, turns into tumbling down the other side.  I enjoy, watching others see what I have made. Relishing in true reactions, the mark I am making on someone.  Again enjoying watching the process of someone interpreting what they see. I am a mark maker.

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Mixed Media Drawing

  • Artist Workshops Studio 528 Northville Street Houston, TX, 77037 United States (map)

Mixed Media Drawing techniques workshop. Topics covered Grey & Tan toned paper, value, proportion, transfer methods, inking methods, markers, color pencil, layering. 2 Days with 16hrs of class time $160.00
Drawing Papers Provided, Accent Color Pencils Provided

Individual Material List Needed:
Micron Pen Set #1,#3,#5,#8
Pentel Pigment Ink Brush Pen Medium or Fine
Copic Sketch Marker Cool Grey: C1,C3,C5
Copic Sketch Marker: E31,E33,E35

Water, Tea, Coffee & Snacks served all day

To sign up, Smash that going button on the event listing then
1st name, Last name
Smart Phone


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