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Since I can remember I have made marks, all kinds of marks. Utilizing any and every tool to make art.  Crayons, pencils, pens, markers, paint, metal, glass, stone, photographs even written words.  I spent much of my life confused as to what my work was trying to say. Attempting to discover what is it that I am trying so compulsively get out into the world through images. I only just recently discovered what “ it “ is. I simply love the act, of mark making. I appreciate each medium for what it can offer me with each individual image I'm in the mood to construct. I am always happier with the process of mark making, than I am in the result. Once the image is completed the excitement of almost getting to the top of the hill, turns into tumbling down the other side.  I enjoy, watching others see what I have made. Relishing in true reactions, the mark I am making on someone.  Again enjoying watching the process of someone interpreting what they see. I am a mark maker.

Advanced Charcoal Portrait Drawing
to Sep 8

Advanced Charcoal Portrait Drawing

For those of you with experience in charcoal. This will teach you how to do photorealistic portraits on Grey Ground Pastel Paper. Increasing your ability to do commissioned portraits with a great likeness to the client. Establishing skin tone, skin texture details, hair and highlight specialty techniques. Large scale drawing.

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Mixed Media Drawing
to Sep 16

Mixed Media Drawing

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Mixed Media Drawing techniques workshop. Topics covered Grey & Tan toned paper, value, proportion, transfer methods, inking methods, markers, color pencil, layering. 2 Days with 16hrs of class time $160.00
Drawing Papers Provided, Accent Color Pencils Provided

Individual Material List Needed:
Micron Pen Set #1,#3,#5,#8
Pentel Pigment Ink Brush Pen Medium or Fine
Copic Sketch Marker Cool Grey: C1,C3,C5
Copic Sketch Marker: E31,E33,E35

Water, Tea, Coffee & Snacks served all day

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1st name, Last name
Smart Phone


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